Project Development

As stated in our mission statement, IMEX is a diversified worldwide company that procures natural resources through our fragile environment with sustainable practices. Our highlight in social and ecological sustainability in natural resource procurement is through wild forest products, such as candle nut trees.
As many people have known for years now, global environment has become more fragile with a lot of negative effects and it is up to us to reverse the effects. Fortunately, there are companies and government officials from around the world would like to restore our mother Earth. Some simple examples are the Kyoto Protocol which the Indonesian government has been very supportive off and forestation on Indonesiaís abandoned landscapes.
One of IMEXís ways to sustain our fragile environment is through wild forest products. Instead of changing the wild forest landscape into otherís crop fields; which will need a very long time to turn the landscape into wild forest, we are processing the wild forest products to help the local villagers and farmers. One of the products is Candle Nut. We implements fair trade prices for all harvested materials to improve Indonesia companies by providing employment to the local villagers.
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