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Candlenut Tree application and purposes

The most useful part of this tree is the nut inside the seeds. The seed is covered with extremely hard shell and inside is the nut.
Usually the names used are: candlenut, Aleurites Molucanna, Candlenut, Indian Walnut, Buah Keras. The main purpose of this nut is for food spices (in small amount). However, the nut itself; if in large quantity can be press and extract the oil candlenut oil are usually used for high-end cosmetic products such as aromatherapy oil, lotion, etc.

Environment, Insects, and Pesticides

Candlenut Tree (Aleurites Molucanna) wild can be found throughout Indonesia, this tree can grow at level of 0-800 meter above see water level; the tree can grow on flat field configuration, wavy field configuration, or steep field configuration. Candlenut tree can grow on sands or infertile soil. It can grow on dry as well as wet climate.

The Indonesian government encourages to plant candlenut tree in order to help the environment crisis in Indonesia since the illegal logging problems that had been occurred so many times. The Indonesian government prefers andlenut tree because the tree is able to grow naturally all across Indonesia without using any pesticides and it is free of insects.

Production and Farm Registration

Candlenut Seeds are usually collected by farmers and sold to candlenut producer. The seeds usually fall from the trees by themselves and farmers pick the seeds from the floor and sell the seeds to candlenut manufacturer.

Usually the seed is covered with hard shell In order to produce good quality nut, it is usually dried for 1-2 days. Traditionally the seed is dried using sun heat. However the seed can also be dried using industrial dryer on 35-40 degree Celsius heat for 1 to 2 days. After the seeds are dried, the nut (See Figure 3) is cracked using hammer mills.
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